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RS5000 Combined Raising and Shearing Machine ITA

- RS5000 -
combined raising and shearing machine

The combing-shearing machine RS5000 introduces a new concept in the processing of raised fabrics that have to be sheared obtaining the anti-pilling effect.

Thanks to the combination of a powerful combing system and a shearing unit, it is possible to obtain the highest quality results in the shearing of pile.

The combing system is composed of a raising drum equipped with all pile raising rollers and two adjustable contact rollers, that control the contact of the fabric with the drum, in three different areas.

The pile of the fabric, combed by the raising drum, goes to the shearing unit, without that any roller has touched the pile. This way we avoid any pile flattening and it is possible to present the pile to the shearing unit, in perfectly oriented position and well combed.

All the axles of the machine are driven by Inverters, for a very wide range of adjustment, the machine is controlled by PLC and by two Touch Screens, one placed in the front and one placed in the back of the machine.

The machine is equipped with automatic seams jumping on the shearing unit, carried out by touch-less seams detector and by automatic metal detection to protect the shearing blades.


The access to the shearing unit, which is placed on top of the raising drum, is facilitated by a platform through which it is possible to climb with 3 steps.

This way the operator can control the shearing process in full safety and comfort.